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Granlea Beef Ring Virtual Tour

Pioneer Acres Museum of Alberta

Steam roller at pioneer acres

A unique antique machine at Pioneer Acres Museum.

The Pioneer Acres Museum is a 50 acre volunteer run living facility dedicated to the preservation, display, and demonstration of  the equipment, tools, and other artifacts that were used by Western Canadian pioneers. One of the many buildings on the property tells the story of the Granlea beef ring, a group of farmers who in the 1930’s devised a plan where they would take turns providing cattle for butchering each week, and receive a share of each animal to feed their family, in an era before refrigeration or deep freezes. The 3 photo virtual tour below shows the display outside the building, the view inside the building, including the bags for the meat portion for each family, and the well box where the meat would be stored to keep it cool. The tour can be found on Google Maps, and on Google Search (under “See Photos”).

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